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Vegan India! Declaration

Responsibility for Content: It has been Vegan India's endeavor to find vegan parallels to most things in life and compile a repository that can help Earthpeople in their quest to adapt to a vegan lifestyle. We try hard to present you the best picture but at the end of the day, we are just human. We do not claim to be 100% accurate nor claim to be the ultimate database on vegan-related matters. We are only here to celebrate each day of our vegan existence with lots of color, photographs, food, compassion, positive stories, gratitude, and our companion animals. Anybody is only too welcome to join in the celebration. Please feel free to add on to this list or any other list/story in any section of this blog.

Also, it has been our endeavor to create engaging and lively content that may not be "scientifically" verified; but is content that gives a "feel-good" feeling and makes Earthpeople feel positively-oriented towards choosing a compassionate lifestyle. We believe in the evolution of the human mind, the society, and the world at large; we wish to contribute our bit to this evolution with our positive inputs. There are many things to fret about but we do not want to do that because we do not wish to award any more power to the negative by engaging with negative people, events, or news.

Content Validity: This blog is a work-in-progress containing dynamic content. Content, sources, information, and links change over time, and therefore, some information on this blog might become obsolete over time. If you spot something that needs updation, please let us know, we would gladly comply.

Content Accuracy: We strive hard to be as accurate as possible. However, our reporting may be as good as the extent of information that is shared with us. If you have suggestions or any comments on any factual inaccuracy, please let us know. We would verify and gladly accommodate it.

Copyright: Vegan India! posts are protected by Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 India License. If you wish to use any of the content on this website including images, photographs, and information contained herein, please accredit accordingly. Back links, pingbacks, and re-tweets of the links to the contents of this website are permitted but copying the content verbatim without permission is not. If you wish to use any of the content, photographs, and artwork, please e-mail the author using the Contact Us link and obtain permission.

External Links: Vegan India! does its best to link to content discussed in the blogs, that is, restaurants, consumer reviews, financial articles, medical information, and the like. As stated above under Content Validity and Content Accuracy, if a link dies or becomes obsolete over a period of time, please let us know, we will fix it. You would agree that URLs and domain names along with businesses are dynamic and prone to changes. What is at the end of a link is not the responsibility of this blogger. If you bring the incorrect link to the author’s knowledge, we will gladly change it. 

Photographs and Graphic Images: All graphic images or photos used are either the copyright of the authors or if not, are images in the public domain, free to use, or appropriate credit is given to the owner after obtaining permission. If a credit/courtesy is missing or proper permission was inadvertently revoked or not obtained, there is no intent to infringe the user’s copyright. Please bring it to our notice. Thanks.

Personal Views: As stated previously, all content in this blog is the view of the respective authors and their experiences. This is not our profession but a hobby and our drive to make the world a better place. This blog is not an income generator for the authors. We are simply sharing our experiences. If you think it benefits you in any way, please feel free to experience yourself.

Comments Disclaimer: Any comments made on this blog are the expressions of the readers and followers of this blog. The authors of Vegan India! are not responsible nor will be held liable, for anything that anyone says on this blog in the blog comments section. 

Guest Blogging, Multiple Users, and Guests on Blog: In the advent of multiple authors and/or guest bloggers, the same protections and disclaimers above apply. They are considered by definition authors or bloggers for purposes of the disclaimers above.

No Monetary Gain: As stated before, Vegan India’s blog content is not designed or intended to generate money nor is this blogger paid for blogging content. This is a zero profit blog.

~End of Vegan India! Declaration~