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About Vegan India!

Welcome to Vegan India! – a blog brought to you by vegans for committed vegans, for prospective vegans, for vegans visiting India, for vegetarians, for non-vegans, and for the simply curious!

What is it that Vegan India! brings you?

Vegan India! brings you a database of various Indian businesses, service providers, and establishments offering vegan options in food, clothing, accessories, cosmetics, restaurants, hotels, and holidays. Vegan India! also brings you information about India-specific vegan events, advocacy groups, recipes, and so on. 

Additionally, the blog publishes discourses related to a vegan lifestyle and animal rights in the form of essays and interviews.

This blog exists because of the animals and for them only. Each story in this blog is planned and fueled by the feelings of utmost respect and love for them. Every word in this blog is written in conscious awareness of their pain and suffering, and with a prayer for social transformation in their favor.      

A note about food businesses

As far as hotels and restaurants are concerned, the blog brings you information from all-vegan and vegetarian establishments only. There are many vegetarian restaurants in India that are vegan-friendly. However, there have been exceptions. A small number of restaurants although they call themselves "vegetarian" and use minimal dairy, might serve eggs to their "foreign guests". The blog has surveyed such restaurants also.

A note for vegan foreigners and vegan NRIs visiting India

For vegans visiting India, it is useful to know that India is a country that has the longest tradition of vegetarianism with the largest number of vegetarians in the world. Many vegetarians are "lacto-vegetarians" since they consume cow's milk and its derivatives. As a result, you will find plenty of "pure vegetarian" eateries and restaurants in India. To ensure that your platter is vegan, all you need to do is to ask. Most eateries will happily oblige by cutting out the dairy from your order. However, you need to be very specific and tell them that dairy means no milk, no ghee (clarified butter), no butter, no curd, no butter milk, and no creme. They will also guide you to order dishes that are not cooked in ghee and/or served with curd. You will not be hurting Indian sentiments by choosing to eat according to your ideology. It will help a lot if you carry the Vegan Passport, as some friends have informed this blog.

What has been the modus operandi?

The modus operandi for gathering data for Vegan India! has been very simple and straightforward. The blog caretakers have visited the business entities and had conversations with either the proprietor, manager, marketing personnel, or the chef in case of food businesses. The points of contact have been apprised about the purpose of the call, vegan thoughts and ideals have been shared with them, and information about their vegan products and/or services have been gathered. In cases where face-to-face meetings have not been possible, questionnaires have been sent out and followed up with until all the required information has been procured.

To gather data for essays, the owners of the required resources have been contacted and permission taken to cite them. To gather data for interviews, personalities have been contacted, their consent taken while their responses have been received through a questionnaire.  

Create a demand for compassionate consumer products

The most important lesson learned during the process of gathering data for Vegan India! is, to get what we want, we need to ask. We need to make our needs felt. We need to create a demand for fair and compassionate products and services.

So, let's create an informed demand for compassionate consumer products and services! Let's simply ask!


You can read the Vegan India! declaration by clicking this link. You can also contact the blog caretakers (Amrita Dutta and Vijay Pandey) if there is anything you might like to share by clicking this link.


  1. Best wishes !! Bengaluru rocks !!

    Manish Jain

  2. Its great to know that India - the haven of vegetarianism is turning vegan slowly and steadily. This is a great step in the right direction. Congratulations to the team and best wishes on the road ahead!

    Shankar Narayan,

  3. Thank you so much Manish and Shankar! We are grateful for all the positivity and receptiveness in the air!

  4. pretty nifty!! need to buy that bread from mumbai bakery..


  5. Hello from Animal Rights Community Online! I'd like to echo Shankar's words. I've always felt somewhat sad when hearing people speak glowingly of how "all of India" was vegetarian. Thanks for concentrating on veganism and helping to expand the circle of compassion!

  6. Hey!! I am so happy to have found this site. I am moving to Bengaluru soon, so imagine my delight I have all the eats info I need!!

    I didn't even know we have these options!! Thank you :)

  7. Good to find you at last.I'm so happy that you guys are doing this...spreading awareness and i feel that this is the best site to know about veganism. Cheers to Vegan India team.

  8. Congratulations and best wishes. Good to know that there is a detailed Vegan blog to look forward to now!

    Mohan Santhanam

  9. Wow, I'm glad I found this site. I'm an Indian who now lives in America. Of course, it's much easier to find all the vegan products here but India is not far behind. You all are very blessed to have fresh vegetation so please use it - your bodies will thank you YEARS from now!! God bless you tremendously for your wonderful efforts!

  10. Wow! This site is fabulous. Kudos to all of you.

  11. A wonderful site and a treasure-trove of information. An amazing compilation of facts, figures and data!

  12. Greetings and Namaste to all co-earthlings,

    hope to connect vegan minded souls in India and Globe, from all walks of life, for anything, from sharing wisdom of Veganism and Advaita to friendship and business.

    Metta to All

  13. Like your site! I am traveling to Delhi, Japuir and Agra in a couple of weeks...Does anyone have any recommendations for restaurants where I can order vegan? Also I am gluten wheat flour used in any foods besides naan and breaded fried foods like samosas?

    1. Hi Joanna,

      It is easy to eat vegan in most restaurants in India. The first approach would be to enter "vegetarian" only restaurants. There are plenty of them in every city in India. In doing so, you automatically eliminate the possibility of meat and eggs creeping into your food. Next, in a vegetarian restaurant, please ask for dishes that are not cooked in butter or ghee (clarified butter). Ask only for those cooked in oil and then enure that they will not get topped with butter, ghee, and paneer (cottage cheese), and served with butter milk and curd accompaniments. If the table service people are unable to understand you, please ask for the manager and explain to the person. Do this in steps and you will be fine :)

      Happy Cow is a good site to search for vegan-friendly restaurants ( However, the listing may not be exhaustive. Therefore, please follow the above approach. Also Vegan India! has a small listing of vegan-friendly restaurants in Delhi that you can check here:

      Regarding gluten, if you are allergic to it and since you are traveling, it would be advisable to steer clear of any foods that normally contain wheat flour. All Indian breads will most probably contain gluten as they are made basically of wheat flour in varying quantities. Hi-end restaurants might understand what "gluten" is but normally most would not.

      Hope this helps. Enjoy your trip to India!

  14. After becoming a vegan, was looking for an Indian Vegan site, Very happy to find it today :)

  15. I don't like refined oils and I do not think they are conducive to good health or necessary in human diet. Presently I use coconut oil for cooking vegetables and frying chapatis. I have given up all meats, eggs, diary except ghee. I avoid most Indian restaurants because most of them use omega-6 refined oils like safflower, sunflower, corn oil which cause my allergies to act up


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