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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Introducing, a Personal Initiative of an Indian Couple

Introducing, a Personal Initiative of an Indian Couple

Article by Himani Shetty

Did you ever wonder how to make ethical, healthy, and environment-friendly food choices in a systematic way? Well, your search should end with – a website especially dedicated to help you begin your journey into ethical eating and form forever healthy eating habits! has information for you packed at two levels:
One, the website is a collection of yummy recipes and tips on converting to a vegan lifestyle. It has a number of recipes of immediate vegan replacements of your non vegan favorites. We want to help you see that nothing is impossible in vegan food! The photographs help you visualize how each recipe would look!

The Tofu Bhurjee, a wonderful vegan version of the egg bhurjee. Full recipe here.

Two, it has detailed information that we have accumulated over the years related to the impact of our diet on animal life, our health, and as importantly, the environment (i.e. our foodprint). As you might have read and heard, our diet choices affect us positively or negatively on a personal level. It also has a large impact on the world we live in. Therefore, the website highlights how each one of us affects the world around us and our health with the food choices we make.

The site is laid out in a light, colorful, and user-friendly format, with separate sections for recipes, issues, research material, and activism. The section called Discover has an extensive database of videos, articles, quotes, published studies, and research material, covering all aspects of issues related to going vegan.

The Discover section: Contains a collection of nearly 200 videos along with articles, research & reports, and quotes.

We hope you keep discovering something new and interesting, every time you visit. Still in the initial stages, we have a lot more in store for you!

About the writer, Himani Shetty, in her own words:

I have been into animal rights activism with many organizations and independently for many years now, and I love creating the vegan versions of different cuisines. The years of activism have culminated into, which is a joint venture with my husband, Ashi. Ashi and I have been married for over 6 years and been vegan for much of our journey together. He is a professional in the Finance sector and has developed this wonderful website by himself. I have worked on the creatives, data, images, and of course, the food!


Note: is neither a company nor an NGO, but a personal initiative of an Indian vegan couple.

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