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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Introducing Krya Sustainable Goodie No. 2: The Dish Wash Powder that Glitters and is Good

Click this link for Goodie No. 1.

~ Part I: Everything that glitters is not good ~

Have you ever wondered what goes into the making of a commercial dish wash? If you read the tiny notes on the labels of say the top Indian dish wash brands, you will be surprised to find they have been rather noncommittal about their ingredients. So how do we know what these dish washes contain? Curiosity got the better of us and we did some research and found that most dish washes contain an array of shockingly damaging chemicals. Although these ingredients might differ from brand to brand, the crux remains the same.

The ingredients of a typical dish wash liquid/soap can be broadly classified into two categories: active ingredients and inactive ingredients. Active ingredients are intended to destroy bacteria while inactive ingredients are primarily used for foam and colour.

Some key active ingredients in commercial dish washes are:
•    Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (cleaner, foaming agent)
•    Nonyphenol (surfactant)
•    Tricoslan (anti-bacterial, anti-fungal)

And some key inactive ingredients in commercial dish washes are:
•    SD Alcohol 3-A (controls thickness and clarity)
•    Methyl Paraben (preservative)
•    Cocamide DEA (foam booster)
•    Sodium Chloride, Dyes, Colorants, Aroma

According to Wikipedia, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate has been known to cause eye or skin irritation in experiments done on animals and humans. The very knowledge that the multinational companies test the chemical on animals should be a deterrent.

Nonyphenols not only disrupt the functioning of the endocrine system but have also been detected in waste water streams across the globe, which is a concern since it is toxic for many aquatic organisms.

Triclosan is perhaps the most controversial of all chemicals. There is a massive debate on the safety and effectiveness of Triclosan. So much so that Wikipedia has an entire section on the health concerns of Triclosan.

Same is the case with SD Alcohol 3-AMethyl Paraben, and Cocamide DEA.

It is clear that almost every chemical that constitutes a commercial dish wash has some sort of health warning attached to it, which you can read by clicking the hyper linked words above. Most are tested on animals as well. They are therefore neither good for human health nor good for the health of the rest of the Planet. The MNCs behind them have invested millions of dollars in research only to produce harmful concoctions detrimental to the interests of a healthy Planet. The question we really need to ask ourselves today is – do we want to be part of this destruction?

~ Part II: The goodie that glitters and is good ~

Look around, you needn’t be. You can choose not to be.

Photograph courtesy: Krya

Here is a chance for total freedom from chemical dish washes: The Natural Dish Wash Powder by Krya, the name for the truly ethical brand of household cleaning products.

The Krya Natural Dish Wash Powder is music to the vegan ear: for neither is the product tested on animals nor does it contain any animal-derived ingredient or any other ingredient that might have been tested on animals. The truth is that all goodies by Krya are firm on vegan ethics because the body, soul, and spirit of the Company reflected in the vision of its founders, Preethi and Srinivas, is decidedly vegan.

So what does this natural dish wash powder contain? Well, it contains a well-researched mixture of organic soapberries, neem, zedoary, and lemongrass essential oil – all from nature’s factory. Soapberry is the primary cleaner and foaming agent while neem is the anti-bacterial agent, zedoary lends the aroma, and finally lemongrass is both anti-bacterial and anti-fungal in action.

It naturally follows that plant ingredients can never harm the human skin and is gentle on the skin instead. No harm even if you accidentally ingest it. Many of us have the tendency of rinsing our utensils a couple  of times to ensure the grease is completely removed and they are not left with any trace of foam or chemicals; however, with the Krya powder, we can leave such fears aside. In fact, it is so safe that you could feed the residual water to plants. And when it seeps under the earth, it dissolves completely, leaving no trace like the harmful chemicals in commercial dish washes do. What’s more, try smelling your fingers post a wash; the fruity smell is so pleasant that you’d be mistaken for having undergone an aroma therapy!

One Vegan India! member who used the dish wash powder described the experience thus:
“I was a little curious whether it will cut through tough grease and burnt stubborn sticky food stains. I am happy to report that it worked well to my satisfaction. The most stubborn food stains were removed by keeping the utensil moist for five minutes. I did not have to scrape harder either. I always had this fear with commercial dish washes that if I don’t rinse 2-3 times, the chemicals might stick with residual food particles and find their way to my stomach. So indirectly, I am saving water by using only a fraction of it as compared to earlier.”
There is another thing we noticed while testing Krya and it is about the myth around dish washes. Most of us are led to believe that more foam means better cleaning. Nothing can be farther from the truth. Our week long experiment of testing a commercial dish wash alongside Krya suggests that foam has nothing to do with cleaning. Indeed, the Natural Dish Wash Powder by Krya pilots a new, kind, sustainable way of thinking and acting.

Are we ready to appreciate the efforts and change our habits for the sake of our Earth?

How to purchase Natural Dish Wash Powder by Krya: Please click this link on the Krya website to bring home this good, good goodie anywhere in India. And, to stay in touch with Krya on Facebook, please click this link.

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