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Thursday, May 10, 2012

‘Green Theory’ Vegan-friendly, Pet-friendly, Vegetarian Restaurant and Café, Bangalore

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We have opined on previous occasions that for a vegetarian restaurant to be “vegan-friendly”, the most important ingredient is the attitude of the service staff. A large number of vegetarian dishes are vegan anyway; yet, as vegans we want to ensure that our food is free from animal milk and its derivatives, egg, and honey. So, is the service staff at the restaurant willing to understand what we want? Are they willing to veganize our food? If the answer to these two questions is a “yes”, then we are most certainly likely to enjoy our food at the restaurant and recommend it to others.

The name “Green Theory” sounded exotic. How “green” is this theory, we wanted to find out! It turned out to be quite impressive and certainly needs to be recommended. The first thing that strikes you at Green Theory is that most of the service staff understands what vegan is, thanks to vegan counterparts who have visited this place before! Next is the staff’s attitude of helpfulness that really makes you feel “at home”. You also have the affable proprietor Bikas, who is most helpful in case you are stuck while planning the order. Need we say more because once at this place, you simply feel like lounging here a “little while longer”; the sitting area, especially the outdoor with the light natural breeze is inviting.

And, if you have pet/s, pampered to the extent that you like to take them out for joyrides or if you have ever harbored even an iota of fret that they are not allowed in shopping malls and restaurants, then there’s exiting news here! Green Theory does not restrict entry to your pampered pet in their outer sitting area! Of course, your companion animal should be willing to sit at the restaurant like a “good” girl” or “good boy” and you should be vigilant about ensuring that.

Coming back to food at Green Theory, there are a few ingredients used at the restaurant that we would like to mention. These are stuff that vegans have helped make popular all over the world: avocado, tofu, and soy milk. On analyzing the menu further, we find that avocado has been used to make a soup, dip, and juice; tofu has been used to make the burger patty, pizza, pasta, and a main course gravy; and soy milk has been used to make smoothies and coffee upon request. Here are pictures of some of the food we had at Green Theory.

Chilled Avocado Soup with Cumin
Spicy Tofu Pizza (veganized by omitting the animal-based cheese)
Grilled Tofu Burger
Broccoli, Zucchini, and Peanut Stir Fried Salad
Three Bean Curry with Rice

We dunk down all of this food with juices, smoothies, and tea! The cucumber with lemon, carrot with ginger, and avocado juices were very fresh, the mixed fruit smoothie made from soy milk was quite filling, and the orange tea was absolutely aromatic. You can click this link on the Zomato site for a peek into the main course menu at Green Theory.

Contact details
Address: 15 Convent Road, Off Residency Road, Landmark: Near Konark Hotel, Bangalore – 560025
Phone: 080-41663836 and 8861435956
Facebook profile:

Open for lunch and dinner from 11am to 11pm, all days in the week.

“What we eat very much affects the state of our health, so if we add in nutrition that supports healing while cutting out foods that create havoc, we can really change the course of our lives for the better. Here's the bottom line: Animal protein seems to greatly contribute to diseases of nearly every type, including cancer, and a plant-based (vegan) diet is not only good insofar as prevention, but it could also be curative.” ~Kathy Freston, Bestselling Author, and Health and Wellness Activist

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  1. I can't wait to visit this restaurant. I'll be in India in a few months, traveling with my pups and we'll be sure to stop by.


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