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Saturday, November 13, 2010

‘Sagar Ratna’ Vegetarian Restaurant, NCR

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The Sagar Ratna chain of vegetarian restaurants is the preferred choice of many Delhites when it comes to having authentic South Indian vegetarian and vegan food. The food is always fresh and the service is excellent. The Defense Colony branch of Sagar Ratna in Delhi especially, is a favorite haunt for people of all ages and from all sections of the society. At any time of the day you can find people sitting in the restaurant relishing the soft idlis, flavorful dosas, juicy uttappams, special South Indian rice items, and thalis (meal platters) to name a few. Sagar Ratna’s coconut milk dip served with some dishes is awesome. Food is primarily cooked in oil, unless specifically mentioned in the menu card that ghee (clarified butter) will been used. You can also put in a word to the staff while placing your order to ensure that your food is free of cow’s milk and its derivatives.

North Indian vegetarian and vegan food is also available at Sagar Ratna restaurant.

Sagar Ratna menu:
You can click this link for a glimpse into the Sagar Ratna menu.

Branches and address: Sagar Ratna has many branches spread out in the National Capital Region. You can get the address of each branch by clicking this link in the Delhi Helpline website.

Cost factor: Very reasonable

“So, what is my prescription for good health? In short, it is about the multiple health benefits of consuming plant-based foods, and the largely unappreciated health dangers of consuming animal-based foods, including all types of meat, dairy and eggs.” ~Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University & Author of 'The China Study'~

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