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Friday, December 31, 2010

For a VEGAN 2011: Vegan Inspirations from Seven Vegan Cookbooks

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The proverb, “you are what you eat”, has perhaps never been more relevant than it is in present times. The awful patterns of food consumption driven by powerful corporates that are responsible for a large number of people finding themselves in revolting hospital rooms and spending their life savings paying hospital bills, is not hidden from us any longer. What is the way out?

Simply put, the way out of this sorry state of affairs is awareness at an individual level, the ability to make the connection between the degradation of personal health and the health of the Planet to what we eat, and to act on this realization. Veganism, marked by a whole food, no animal ingredient diet is a plausible way out. Are you ready for it?

Courtesy: PETA
In our previous story we had presented a compilation of vegan food blogs/websites together containing thousands of vegan recipes from the exotic to the simple. Today, we present a compilation of seven vegan cookbooks. There are, in reality, scores of vegan cookbooks available in hard cover. It has been a very tough task selecting seven from among them. The list that we have here is purely a representation. You can search the internet for many, many more. We have tried to ensure that all suggested books are readily available. All the books, save one, are available at Flipkart. We hope there is a bit for everybody here: for the new vegans, for the long-term vegans, for the aspirants of raw vegan food, for vegans who want to eat healthy and whole as opposed to vegan “junk”… Wherever available, we have also included links to the reviews of each cookbook. You can click each link to learn more.

1.    ‘1,000 Vegan Recipes’ by Robin Robertson
As the name suggests, this book contains 1,000 Vegan recipes from different world cultures. You can also click the name of the author above to be led into her food blog titled, Global Vegan Kitchen. 

2.    ‘A Vegan Taste Of India’ by Linda Majzlik
This book contains 120 Indian-inspired recipes that are completely free of animal ingredients. The same author has published 16 distinct vegan recipe books inspired by different world cuisines that you could check out by clicking this link.

3.    ‘Spicy Vegan’ by Sudha Raina
This book contains recipes inspired from North Indian cuisine.

4.    ‘The RAVE Diet & Lifestyle Book – 3rd Edition’ by Mike Anderson
This path breaking, powerful book containing more than 220 recipes based on the RAVE principle, underlines the healing power of plant-based whole foods through an engaging narrative and supported by hard data.
Book summary is available at The RAVE Diet & Lifestyle website.
For a peek into the first few pages, you can click this link.

5.    ‘The Sunfood Diet Success System’ by David Wolfe
This is an exhaustive book on the raw food lifestyle containing recipes and meal plans for a raw vegan diet.
Book summary is available at EveryDiet.
Price and Purchase

6.    ‘The Vegan Girl's Guide To Life: Cruelty-Free Crafts, Recipes, Beauty Secrets And More’ by Melisser Elliott
This book is a compilation of all things vegan that a girl needs to know right from vegan recipes to tattoos, lingerie, pottery, bakeries, blogs, and so on from all over the world! Champion Vegan Baker from Mumbai, Rithika Ramesh of The Green Stove bakery, is also featured in this book!
Book summary is available at The Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life website.
Price and Purchase

7.    ‘Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook’ by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero
This book according to the authors is a “big, bold vegan cookbook that doesn’t hold back any punches”! It indeed is, with 250 recipes written in an utterly fun style! For more books by the same author/s, you can click this link. At Post Punk Kitchen, you can find Isa Chandra's recipes online as well.
Book summary is available at Vegan India!
Veganomicon is also available at Google Books! You can click this link to get it.
Is this the year for you? If yes, then please take the Vegan Pledge by clicking this link. Dear readers, best wishes to you for an uplifting New Year!

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