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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Vegan Cakes from ‘Navadarshanam’ and a Farm Visit, Bangalore

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Sometime back we had published a story on the organic-vegan peanut butter available at Navadarshanam. We recently learnt that Navadarshanam makes Vegan cakes as well. We also visited their farm. This calls for a second story!

Navadarshanam’s Vegan cakes are available in two varieties: The Carrot Cake and the Dates Cake. The ingredients are healthier than any cake you will find (unless you bake in your own kitchen) and consists of whole wheat, jaggery, and cold-pressed sunflower oil besides the baking powder, cinnamon, cardamom, carrot, and dates. The end product is a yummy, healthy treat.

As they are made of whole wheat, the cakes lend a grainy feeling in the mouth and the pleasure of snacking healthy. These cakes definitely provide some nutrition to the body instead of empty calories and are great as teatime or in-between meal-time snacks. Navadarshanam’s Vegan cakes also dispel a very big myth: that it is not possible to make cakes without eggs! According to the SHARAN website, eggs are used in recipes as “binders, holding the other ingredients together, or as leavening agents, providing lift and affecting texture”. Look closely at the photograph above and see how much the cake has risen! The cold-pressed organic sunflower oil in the Navdarshanam cake acts as the egg replacer. You can also check out suggestions in the SHARAN website for other egg replacers by clicking here.

How to order the Vegan cakes from Navdarshanam

Navdarshanam bakes Vegan cakes on order and the cakes are available in Bangalore only. You need to call up Swamy at 09243091417 to place your order at least 24 hours in advance.

The cakes are available at selected locations on selected days only. Please write at to include yourself in the Navdarshanam mailing list and stay informed about the venue and date of sale. In addition to the cakes, you can also shop for Navdarshanam’s range of organic-vegan products and farm-fresh organic vegetables.

Each cake weighs 450 grams and costs Rs.80/-.

A visit to the Navadarshanam Farm 

You can visit and stay over at the 110-acre Navadarshanam farm and see for yourself all the activities that take place there. However, before going you need to inform in advance so that Navadarshanam can prepare your food and living quarters. The food is organic-vegetarian; you will be served Vegan food if you inform at the time of arranging the visit. Alcohol, drugs, and non-vegetarian food is strictly prohibited inside the Navdarshanam premises. There is no predetermined tariff for the visit; you can donate at will – the amount goes towards the upkeep of the place. Please visit this page on the Navdarshanam website to get the details about how to organize your visit.

The visit was worth it! The trek in the hilly Navdarshanam farm, the scrumptious organic-vegan meals served in the common dining area, the eco-friendly living, and the opportunity to shop at the in-house store were some of the things we enjoyed. Do not forget to carry a pair of good walking shoes, a torch, and warm clothes if you decide to go. And yes, you can even purchase the cakes from the store at the farm by placing your order in advance!

Would you be interested to bake Vegan cakes and prepare Vegan desserts? You can try out these delicious Vegan cake recipes from The Vegan Society and these equally delicious Vegan desserts from SHARAN.

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