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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vegan Cosmetics from ‘Ruby’s Herbal’, Bangalore and Pondicherry

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Look closely at Mother Nature and you will find plenty of resources that you can use as food, medicines, cosmetics, clothing, and so on. Humans need not abuse Mother Nature to procure these resources as she has made provisions to make them available in plentiful. Plants produce thousands of seeds round the year to make sure every human is well look after. In earlier times when our ancestors lived in harmony with Nature, cosmetic industries using chemicals, other harmful substances, and slaughterhouse byproducts were unheard of. Even from our grandmother’s generation we can easily dig out amazing recipes made from natural plant-based ingredients to tend to our hairs and skins.

Ruby-Mathieu of 'Ruby’s Herbal', our story for today, explain further:
“Our ancestors also knew the medicinal values of all plants: trees, flowers, seeds, roots, fruit, etc. They knew where they were best available and when they could be plucked or harvested... what season and what part of the day… Furthermore, our ancestors prepared their oil, paste, or syrup with consciousness. Their heart communicated with the ingredients while they were preparing and mixing them.”
Drawing from the wisdom of her ancestors, Ruby, in 2006, decided to dedicate her time to preparing handmade herbal cosmetics from the herbs, plants, and flowers grown in her own ancestral farm in South Karnataka. In due course, she developed recipes for several herbal cosmetics and made them available in the market.

Ruby’s Herbal products are not too difficult to spot. Sitting pretty in their lovely handmade paper wrappers, they adorn the shelves of stores. They stand out for another reason as well: Ruby’s Herbal products are 100% cruelty-free. Although the packaging does not carry claims of being ‘cruelty-free’, here is what Ruby-Mathieu had to say about their products:
“Ruby's Herbal products are made with fifteen herbs grown in our little farm. We handpick the herbs in the morning, and process them and bottle them by evening. Our oil, soap, and shampoo do not contain animal ingredients and neither is our products tested on animals.”
Ruby’s Herbal cosmetics line has five products in all: the flagship Herbal Hair Oil, a Natural Shampoo, Neem Soap, Alo Vera Soap, and Papaya Soap.

All of the ingredients in Ruby’s Herbal products are organically grown without using chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The herbs are hand-plucked early morning and combined with pure natural oils over the process of preparation. For example, the soap and shampoo contain vegetable oils at the base added to the goodness of the herb extracts. A wooden fireplace, copper vessels, hand held pressure tools, and the feeling of love are the tools used by Ruby-Mathieu to facilitate the process. By the end of the day, the herbal formula is bottled.

Where to find Ruby’s Herbal products

Ruby’s Herbal products are retailed through Era Organic, Mother Earth, and Thoms Bakery and Stores in Bangalore; and Casablanca, Kasha Ki Aasha, Uptown Fitness Studio, Pour Tous (Aurovile), and Dune Resort in Pondicherry. In case you wish to get in touch with Ruby-Mathieu to learn more, you can write to them at

Animal testing is so terribly unnecessary. Would you be interested to know why? Please read this excellent report titled “Death: The Price of Beauty: Animal Testing and the Cosmetic Industry”, by Kelly Renz McNeal.

Please support chemical-free, cruelty-free cosmetics! Our choices can make the difference!

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