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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Vegan Plant-based Butter from ‘Dakini Foods’

For different varieties of plant-based/vegan butter reviewed in this blog, you can click this link.

Here comes a truckful of butter from Dakini Foods made from some of the yummiest seeds and nuts! All without artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives!

The variety available in this plant-based butter series is quite striking – almond, cashew, peanut, sunflower, and tahini (white, brown, and black).

About Dakini Foods and how it manufactures plant-based butter

Dakini Foods has been around in India for a while. In February 2010, the Company was bought over by Indian entrepreneurs following the transfer of sophisticated technology that allows healthy plant-based butter to be manufactured in commercial quantities with the use of ZERO food additives. Using a very special procedure, the nuts and seeds are first roasted to appropriate degrees after which the machine splits them from the middle and grinds them till the oil separates. The oil is then removed and the nuts and seeds are ground further till they acquire a creamy-smooth texture. The butter is packed in glass bottles. Glass, in contrast to plastic, increases the shelf life of any product, in this case the butter, allowing it to stay unspoilt upto three years without preservatives or refrigeration.

Availability of Dakini plant-based butter

Before February 2010, butter from Dakini Foods was available only in the tourist cities of India; however post February 2010, the Company is on a war footing to align with distributors all over the country. The products have hit the market; if you want to find out the stores in your city at which they are available, you can call Company Representative, Mr. Vinod Kumar Gaba at telephone numbers 09950825275 and 09828401777. Where distributors are not yet available, the Company has evolved a system to reach your order through courier. You can place your order with Mr. Gaba in that case as well. You can also contact the Company through this link on their website.

We purchased our stock of Darkini butter from Dorabjee’s in Pune, the organic/natural store In the Pink in Bangalore, and some by courier.


Below is the price of the various butter available with Dakini Foods. Note that the jars in the photographs are of 400 grams and so we mention below the price of each butter type per 400 grams only. Smaller and larger quantities are also available.

Price per 400 grams

Almond butter – Not known 
Cashew butter – Rs.350/-
Peanut butter – Rs.110/-
Sunflower butter – Rs.240/-
Tahini Black – Rs.220/-
Tahini Brown – Rs.140/-
Tahini White – Rs.150/-


Nature has gifted human beings with great powers of creation. However, the twist in the tale is that Nature has also provided us the element of ‘Choice’. It is upon us to choose to channelize our ingenuity in positive ways bringing peace and well-being to all inhabitants of Planet Earth. Conversely, humans can also choose to use their ingenuity for ‘negative pursuits’ simply qualified as those that bring terror, fear, and dread in the lives of millions of non-human sentient beings. Often such pursuits are driven by the greed for money or simply because of uncompassionate conditioning.

Businesses such as Dakini Foods choose to utilize technology in a manner that does not cause any creature of air, land, or sea harm, whatsoever. Such businesses also give us an opportunity to see the merit in plant-based food habits. By supporting such companies, we get an opportunity to resister our allegiance with compassionate businesses in the society.
“In the final analysis, of course, all of us are destined to die. The mortality rate is still 100%, one per person. So the most important question, to me, is not just how long we live but also how well we live. When we look back on our lives, how much distress did we cause? How much suffering did we help alleviate? How much love did we give, and how much did we receive? How many people did we help? These are profoundly spiritual questions; as such, they are often the most meaningful. To the degree we can change our diets, we may be able to enhance our health, enjoy our lives more fully, and reduce the suffering in our wake. We face a spectrum of choices every day; it's not all or nothing. You may not want to give up eating animal protein or fatty foods completely, but you may be able to consume them less frequently if you understand the benefits of cutting back, how quickly they may occur, and how far-reaching they may be.” ~Dr. Dean Ornish, M.D., Author of ‘Eat More, Weigh Less~


  1. You are simply superb !! You are also one who really cares !!!

  2. You are simply superb.I'm very happy about your work. I talked to Mr.Gaba and invited him to my city to appoint any distributor here.

    And, yes, Almond butter is also ready with them.

  3. Thank you IndianVegan! Good to hear that these plant butters will travel to your city. Excited that the almond butters are also out!

  4. I have ordered Cashew, Sesame, Sunflower, Almond. I will use couple and rest will use as gift. :)

  5. That's a great idea - giving them away as gifts! And Diwali is approaching!


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