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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Organic-Vegan Peanut Butter from ‘Navadarshanam’

For different varieties of plant-based/vegan butter reviewed in this blog, you can click this link.

Most branded peanut butter in the market list hydrogenated vegetable oils, sugars, stabilizers, artificial flavors and preservatives, and a host of chemicals with long names under ‘Ingredients’. However, the ingredient list in the handmade peanut butter from Navadarshanam is short and meaningful: this peanut butter contains organically-grown peanuts only. Further, the peanut butter jar carries the declaration “No preservative or hydrogenated oil added”.

About Navadarshanam

Navadarshanam or “new vision” is a registered charitable Trust that operates from a hilly land bordering the Thally Reserve Forest, 50 kilometers south of Bangalore. The mission of the Trust is “to provide facilities and a forum” to come out of the cycle of “alienation of the individual from self, nature, and the Creative Power” that goes “hand in hand with societal disintegration and ecological destruction”. To learn more about Navadarshanam’s mission, people involved, activities, and so on please click here.

One of the many activities of Navadarshanam Trust is organic and natural farming. Apart from peanut butter, Navadarshanam has a line of organic food products and many of them are Vegan. You can check out the product line by clicking here.

You can also visit Navadarshanam for short educational/exposure visits. For more information on the visits and to read the policies for visitors, please click here. The food served during the visits is strictly vegetarian.

Availability of Navadarshanam peanut butter

Navadarshanam’s peanut butter is available in quite a few outlets in Bangalore (list below). If you do not live in Bangalore, you can have the peanut butter couriered to anywhere you live in the country. To place your order, you need to get in touch with Nagarajan at

The following stores in Bangalore retail Navadarshanam’s peanut butter: Namdhari’s Fresh (through a number of stores), Mother Earth (Domlur store), Fresh Earth (Indira Nagar store), and Nisarga Shoppe (Lake View Farm, Whitefield).

Price factor

A 300 grams jar costs Rs.120/-


Today we link up to this article from Satavic Farms that discusses the eighteen ways of how 'modern farming' (as opposed to organic farming) affects our Earth. You can read the article to understand why we must support organically grown foods.

“Organic farming is rooted in ancient knowledge passed down through generations. Long before science could tell us why certain farming methods would produce greater crop yields, organic farmers were learning the hard way what worked and what didn't – and sharing their knowledge with others.” ~David Suzuki, Environmentalist~


  1. We love this peanut butter too! (disclosure: I am a close friend of Nd - Navadarshanam) AND a vegan. Try their healthy wheat laddus as well, they are delicious.

  2. Thanks for the visit and the additional information Veena! Will definitely try and look for the wheat laddus. Do let everybody if there is any other Vegan eatables from Nd that you recommend! Their packaging is also very much appreciated, they do it so well!

  3. thanks.
    My favs at Nd are
    HEALTHY MIXTURE – roasted, not fried
    LADDU – no oil, ghee or refined sugar
    Peanut Chikki - not being sold in stores yet as they are being sold out at the Jayanagar monthly sales is what I hear

    Most of Nd products are vegan. (ie powders, pickles) EXCEPT for
    -guava toffee (when in season)
    -dry fruit delight

    I also recommend the organic jaggery they sell which is powdered.

  4. Thanks for sharing Veena! We have had their pickles which are the best definitely and the powdered organic jaggery is terrific! Will check out the others you have mentioned.


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