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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

100% Fruit Bars from ‘Naturo’

Naturo’s '100% fruit bars' with no added sugar, sweetener, gluten, and preservatives are a good way to grab a bite when you are feeling hungry in between meals. Please note that Naturo manufactures different types of fruit bars and you must look for the '100% natural' variety; only this variety carries the label, 'suitable for vegetarians and vegans'.

The 100% natural variety is available in four flavors: apple, mango, orange, and strawberry.

Availability: Naturo’s 100% natural fruit bars are available at leading modern retail stores in metros and major cities. To make inquiries, you can communicate at the contact address provided in the Naturo website.

“I believe that veganism is something we must adopt to cleanse the earth of the damage that the meat, fishing and diary industries have caused to global eco-systems.” ~Paul Watson, Sea Shepherd Society~

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