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Friday, June 18, 2010

‘Marmite’ Yeast Spread

You either like it or hate it. That is Marmite for you. But, if you like it, Marmite may help supplement some of your Vitamin B-12 requirements!

We were introduced to Marmite by a fellow vegan, a believer in alternate therapies with the quest to end dependency on industrially-produced pharmaceutical supplements.

Importance of Vitamin B-12: Vitamin B-12 plays a key role in the normal functioning of the brain and nervous system, and in the formation of the blood. Vitamin B-12 is not directly available from plant sources; it is present in fermented foods only.

How is Marmite made? Marmite is a by-product of the beer brewing process. It is a substance that is collected just before a clearing agent is added to the brew to filter the beer. A packaged jar of Marmite is simply a yeast spread that looks like jam but more thick in texture. Marmite is a rich source of Vitamin B-12 because this group of vitamins is produced by micro-organisms present in fermented foods only.

Marmite is Vegan: Marmite is certified “100% vegetarian” by the Vegetarian Society. The jar too carries the same declaration. This also means that Marmite is vegan since the ingredients listed on the Marmite jar are free from animal’s milk and related substances.

Disclaimer: It is necessary that you do your own research and experimentation with Marmite to check the suitability of this yeast on your bodies. We have just cited a possibility.

Vegan links on Marmite: Below are links to some opinions on Marmite. You can read them to get information about the chemical components of Marmite, how to consume Marmite, how to use Marmite in your recipes, and so on. You can make your own informed decisions.

Availability of Marmite: Marmite is available in India in specialty shops or gourmet stores in metros and big cities. We got ours from Dorabjee’s at Pune. If interested, you will need to run an independent check on the availability of Marmite in your own cities.
“May all that have life be delivered from suffering.” ~The Buddha~


  1. How much quantity of Marmite should be consumed in a week, by a Vegan to meet out B-12 need need of his/her body ,considering, that vegan is not consuming any other B-12 fortified Soya Milk or any other food stuff ??

    Vitamin B-12 is not there in fermented food, if so, Idli,Dosa or Bread would have been proved as great shot for B -12.

  2. Can anyone tell me where Marmite is available in Mumbai?

  3. You can try a gourmand shop Tanya.


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