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Friday, May 21, 2010

‘Kamat’ Vegetarian Hotels & Restaurants

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Karnataka based all-veg Kamat hotels and restaurants are places where you can, without hesitation, ask which dishes contain ghee (clarified butter) and avoid them rather than ask which dishes do not contain ghee because the ones that do not contain ghee outnumber those that do!

Was that a teaser! :-) Not really, as after eating at Kamat it becomes clear that you can enjoy some of the finest regional South Indian cuisines without being worried about ghee! For the majority of dishes, Kamat uses vegetable oil as the medium for cooking. Curds and butter milk may come as accompaniment with some of the dishes – however, you can decline them. As you probably know, if ghee and curd items are ignored
in South Indian vegetarian cooking, then, the dishes are safely Vegan!

But we cannot say the same about the sweets at Kamat. Vegans would have to go without all the sweets at Kamat (ghee! khoya!), which is fine because the large variety of delicious food and snacks make up for the lack of vegan sweets.

Kamat Branches with Restaurant

Kamat has around 30 branches spread in and around the state of Karnataka. There is one branch each in Delhi and Hyderabad as well. The Kamat drive-ins on the highways connecting Bangalore to cities such as Mysore, Ooty, Mangalore, Tirupathi, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune are excellent. We are told that seven more branches will be added shortly.

Kamat Branches with Boarding & Lodging, and Restaurant

Three Kamat branches have boarding and lodging facilities as well. Two of them are in Bangalore while one is on the Hubli-Dharwad road. We are told that the stay at the Kamat hotels is very comfortable, luxurious, and reasonably priced. Check out the Kamat website to learn more about boarding facilities by clicking this link.

Location of Kamat Branches

To find a Kamat hotel with boarding and lodging facilities, or a Kamat restaurant in Bangalore city, or a Kamat drive-in on the highway, please click on the image on the right. 


Some branches of Kamat serve North Karnataka meals with chapatti (bread) made from jowar (barley) and an ensemble of vegetable preparations cooked in oil. These are finger licking good. We highly recommend the Kamat branches on the highways between Bangalore and the different cities mentioned above. They can only make your travel better and satisfying as Kamat Upachar on the Bangalore-Mysore highway did to ours! Chuck the Mac Donald’s and KFCs on the highways and visit the Kamats – this is what we highly recommend!

Furthermore, we love the consistency of taste in our favorite dishes across different Kamat branches and we appreciate the high quality of the preparations. We have had good experiences whenever we have tried something different from the huge menu. What’s more, the food is divinely cheap on the pocket and majority of it is Vegan!

Vegan notes

You can watch a slide presentation from Vegan Peace titled 'Do you know the truth about dairy?' by clicking this link.

“I think and speak clearer since I cut the dairy out. I can breathe better and perform at a better rate, and my voice is clearer. I can explore different things with my voice that I couldn't do because of my meat and dairy ingestion. I am proud and blessed to be a vegetarian, everything became clear.” ~Common, Hip-Hop Musician~


  1. I love the Kamat on the Bangalore-Mysore highway. Not only for the food but the open-air design and I like the waiters' uniforms and caps!

  2. You are absolutely right Isabel, we echo your sentiments! Then this must be either Kamat Upachar or Kamat Lokaruchi you have referred to! Also, on a chilly night it feels good to stop by at Kamat to have a tumbler of hot vegany rasam!

  3. I have been to the kamat at the Bangalore-Mysore highway to and was impressed by how they manage to maintain their smile and the quality inspite of the overwhelming demand from travellers. Everyone seemed to be enjoying their food very much!

  4. I love love LOVE the Joladda Rotti at Kamat!! :)


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