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Saturday, May 1, 2010

‘Art by Susmitha’ and ‘Veganosaurus’ Vegan Jewelry and Art

Driving back home after having met Susmitha, you really start to see the finer shades of green on the trees, notice that the roads aren't that bad afterall, feel unperturbed by the traffic and the honking... ah well, you get the drift, do you not? Susmitha simply infuses positivity into everything and everyone she comes in contact with!

To introduce the lady of our story today, she is Susmitha Subbaraju, vegan since 2003, a Reiki channel, the vegan chef in her vegan household, a vegan activist, and a vegan jewelry and sculpture artist – a few among the many hats she wears! It is the vegan artist part of her that we shall explore for our story today. But wait, before we do that, we ask Susmitha what makes her such an optimist.

Here is Susmitha’s uncut response, every thought logical, as she explains the importance of the power of thought in steering vegan activism onto a positive trajectory:

“Each and every thought that you have and word that you utter has a vibration. Positive thoughts empower the positive elements in this world and attract them into your life. When you are passionately focused upon the suppression of cruelty, this cruelty feeds off your thoughts and becomes ever stronger. Instead, if your thoughts and words are constantly pro-vegan, pro-peace, pro-love, your simple focus upon these good aspects of the very same issue gives abundant power to the positive and helps it evolve and grow exponentially in the world.”
A firm believer in vegan education, Susmitha makes it amply clear that while she is pro vegan, she is not antagonistic towards others who are not. These are values we wholeheartedly believe in and Susmitha sums up the sentiment quite aptly when she says:
“A person is an activist just by virtue of being vegan. The compassion and love inherent in a vegan lifestyle influences in one way or another, each person that a vegan crosses paths with.”
Susmitha’s creative designs are as lovely as her beliefs. Let’s explore those now!

Art by Susmitha 

Art by Susmitha s a line of exclusive handmade vegan art jewelry. What makes Susmitha’s creations vegan? Primarily, it is the use of non-animal based raw materials, and the complete avoidance of materials derived from animals and other sentient beings.

Let's first see what Susmitha strictly does not use and what she substitutes them with, wherever applicable

Swarovski pearls & crystals in fine silver wire
Pearl: Pearl is derived from two sources: freshwater and ocean. The procurement of freshwater pearls is akin to factory farming while the procurement of ocean pears is done though regular farming methods. Ahimsa or non-violent pearls is a myth because the shell in which the oyster, mussel, or scallop lives must be opened, and an incision must be made in the gonad of the oyster, thereby killing the oyster, to obtain the pearl. The substitute that Susmitha uses in her creations is Swarovski crystal pearls. Swarovski pearls are not only cruelty-free but are also more reasonably priced than the oyster pearls.

Silk, Leather, Wool: Silk, leather, and wool – all obtained at the expense of the life and security of animals is not used in the jewelry line created by Susmitha. These items are easily substituted by cotton yarn.

Coral: Art by Susmitha does not use coral either. It takes many years for a few centimeters of coral to grow. The extraction of coral amounts to the ‘deforestation’ of sea life. Art by Susmitha does not believe in being part of this destruction. (Vegan ideals inspire care for all elements in the ecosystem.)

The vegan raw materials that Susmitha uses in her line of art jewelry

Metals – copper, fine silver, and sterling silver. Usually, Susmitha uses pure unplated metal. But wherever plated metals are required, Susmitha makes sure that the plate is of high quality and non-allergic. Other vegan materials she uses are gemstones, crystals, glass lampwork, polymer clay, Swarovski crystal pearls, and cotton yarn.

Herringbone pattern with copper
Glass lampwork, silver, Swarovski crystal

How to purchase handmade art jewelry from Art by Susmitha

You can visit the links below to learn more about the products from Art by Susmitha, see more samples, and find out how to place online orders for them:
Art by Susmitha at Etsy
Art by Susmitha blog

Art by Susmitha Facebook Fan page

Copper and polymer clay

Veganosaurus is the line of miniature handmade sculptures created by Susmitha. The sculptures are made both from polymer clay (baked clay) and iclay (unbaked, air dried clay). What is remarkable about these charming sculptures is that each is inspired by a story that has not only created them but given them a soul as well!

Take for example Witchy Poo. Witchy Poo is a friendly little witch who is “an obsessive, compulsive cleaner! Even when she was a little girl, her favorite toy was the broom. Then one day the Monsterville fairies wanted to reward her for her good work and gave her a magic broom. Now Witchy Poo uses her magic broom to sweep away all the unwanted energies from any room she's in and makes the place bright and positive at all times. And then with her beautiful smile she sprinkles love and good cheer into every corner.”

Endearingly cute, isn’t? Does Witchy Poo remind you of someone you know? Want to meet more of these soulful creatures and find out their stories? Then, please visit the links below to learn more. You can also find out how to place online orders for the miniatures.
Veganosaurus at Etsy
Veganosaurus Facebook fan page 

In conclusion

A very special aspect about Susmitha’s creations is that each creation is exclusive, meaning there are no two pieces of the same design. Each design carries a thought formed out of a set of unique experiences and translated into a work of art. Her creations are so beautiful that you cannot, but be touched by the joy and Reiki love that Susmitha infused in them while shaping them.

Note: All photographs in this story are from Susmitha's various sites on the internet.

You can also read how to choose to wear vegan in this blog post, Vegan Party Wear.


  1. What a lovely feature on one of my favorite artists!

    I'm a big fan of Susmitha's work and I am the proud owner of many of her creations (both jewelry and cute little creatures). Her work is infused with love and compassion.

    Susmitha has such a beautiful soul. It's an honor for me to count her as one of my friends.

    Cheers from Canada,

  2. I agree with Nathalie, Susmitha is a wonderful artist and person! :0) Thank you Susmitha, for spreading vegan love and awareness all over!!!

  3. When I began reading the article- I knew exactly what you were talking about! Susmitha is a wonderful, positive person and you can't help but get infected with her bright sunny enthusiasm! She's a great inspiration to us all! :) Her work, both jewelry and sculpture- is amazing and so beautiful!

  4. @ Nathali, mvegan, and Cindy - how lovely to have you visit this blog and share the vegan love further!!


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