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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

‘The Nature’s Co.’ Vegan Cosmetic Brand

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One hundred percent *desi. One hundred percent Vegan.

These are the two qualifiers that spontaneously come to the mind when we think about The Nature’s Co.

The Nature’s Co. gets its values from parent company, Amar Remedies Ltd. (ARL). ARL was established in the late 1960s and in those days was the first company in India to produce cruelty-free toothpaste under the brand name ‘AMAR’. **AMAR toothpastes did not contain animal-derived gelatin.

The legacy of compassion was continued by Natasha Shah, the present Director who launched ‘The Nature’s Co.’ vegan line of products in February 2009.

The Nature’s Co. Products and Philosophy

The Nature’s Co. is a vegan brand for a range of skin, body, hair care, and wellness products.

The website of the company clearly states that;

“All the products of The Nature’s Co. are one step ahead of being vegetarian, which is vegan. We don’t use any kind of animal derived ingredients in any of our products, including, ingredients like milk, honey, beeswax and lanolin which are a few of the essential materials in any skin care product. We also do not test any of our products on animals and ensure that all our vendors follow the same policy.”
Click here for the source.

The Nature’s Co. is certified by PETA and thus has a PETA cruelty-free bunny sign (image above) in all its stores and product labels.

Furthermore, the philosophy of The Nature’s Co. is deeply rooted in Nature. As we all know, before humankind discovered advanced survival techniques, humans lived off the five forms of nature – air, sun, water, earth, and forest. These forms have inspired five distinct ranges of body and bath products at The Nature’s Co.: Atmospure, Starrize, Foressence, Earthborne, and Aquaspark. The range is designed to soothe the mind, body, and soul.

Besides this, The Nature’s Co. lays equal emphasis on environmental-friendly practices. The product development and designing teams take immense care to ensure that the packaging used is only of materials such as Glass, PP, PETG, and acrylic. All these materials are recyclable, biodegradable, and conserve natural resources.

Plant-based Ingredients Versus Animal-derived Ingredients: A Note on what The Nature’s Co. Products Contain

All of The Nature’s Co. products contain natural extracts and essential oils only. No chemical or synthetic preservatives are used.

All products contain the plant-based alternatives to animal fats and oils. For example, vegetable glycerin is used instead of animal-derived glycerin.

All products are free of dairy elements such as milk and curd, and also free of eggs, beeswax, lanolin, and honey.

The Nature’s Co. candles are made from pure plant waxes. Vegetable-based candles are biodegradable and water soluble, and do not damage carpets or furniture. They burn cooler, more uniformly, and last up to 50% longer than traditional candles!

Where and How to Purchase The Nature’s Co. Products

The Nature’s Co. has boutique stores in the following cities: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune. Please click here for the addresses of these stores. You can also place online orders for The Nature’s Co. products that can be delivered anywhere in India and abroad.

Concluding Notes

How has the response to The Nature’s Co. been? Ami Gupta, Brand Manager has this to say: “The response so far has been excellent. We keep getting suggestions and appreciation mails from our customers. We feel we are going on the right path!”

It seems that the ideals of an environment-friendly, cruelty-free brand has appealed to the senses of many people. As consumers and vegans we are glad when there are more compassionate products in the market. 

What better than to end the post with a thoughtful note from Ami Gupta:

We have received a lot from Mother Nature and we must acknowledge the same by nurturing Nature. We have already started various environmental friendly initiatives and over the coming years we will take these forward to encourage people to be more environmentally conscious.”

We will really look forward to that, all the best!


*desi = Indian
**AMAR toothpaste is still available in various organized (few Modern trade stores) and unorganized retail formats. Currently, there are four variants of the toothpaste. 

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