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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

‘Mother Earth’ Vegan-friendly Store, Bangalore and Mumbai

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Shopping for eatables at the Mother Earth store can be a delight for the organic-conscious vegans! Before this, we hadn’t found such a vast range of organic eatables from so many organic food suppliers under one roof. Some products even have delightful labels that read, “suitable for vegetarians and vegans”. How divine that feels!

Products at Mother Earth 

Mother Earth retails organic products only. You would need to read the ingredients to make sure they are vegan. The product types you will find at the Mother Earth eatables section are: spices, different types of pulses & rice, flour, roasted snacks, sweetmeats, juices & fruit bars (without artificial flavors), breads (organic, whole-wheat, and different flavors), jaggery, organic dosa & idli mix, cold-pressed cooking oils, cereals, baby food, dry-fruits, tea, coffee, and others.

Mother Earth store locations

Mother Earth has four stores (one each in Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai). But, the packed organic-vegan eatables are available at the stores in Bangalore and Mumbai only. Also, fresh organic fruits and vegetables are available on Saturdays and Sundays at the Bangalore store only. You can click here for the complete address of the stores in Bangalore and Mumbai.

USP of Mother Earth eatables section

The USP, as we have said before, is the presence of products from several organic food suppliers. This gives you lots of choice to compare and then make your purchase if you love doing that!

Organic-vegan notes

What is the fuss about! Why organic? You can find out by clicking here.

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  1. You have a great blog going here! :)

    Mother Earth is awesome! It really makes a difference to find multiple brands of organic products so they can be compared and then a final purchase decision made.

  2. Veganosaurus - Thanks for visiting :) Mother Earth also has plenty of craft items and going by your talent in vegan arts and crafts, you'd probably be able to tell whether what they have is vegan!

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