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Thursday, April 15, 2010

‘Urban Herbivore’ Chinese Vegetarian Restaurant, Bangalore

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Urban Herbivore – the name simply inspires!

Today we bring the story of the dining experience at Urban Herbivore, E-Inn’s (now the hotel is called Sai Vishram) exclusive vegetarian Chinese restaurant. After Luo Han, this is the second vegetarian/vegan Chinese restaurant that we have come across in Bangalore.

One highlight about Urban Herbivore is that no ajinomoto is used in any of its Chinese preparations. And, the other breathtaking highlight about Urban Herbivore is that it has an exclusively labeled vegan Chinese menu card!! If you click the image on the right and glance at the bottom of the menu card, you will know exactly what we mean! Generally speaking for most vegans, we get an adrenalin rush when we spot the word “vegan”, especially on the menu card of a restaurant and then we settle down with an air of resplendent satisfaction and we think, “ah, we are getting somewhere!!”

The Vegan menu at Urban Herbivore may not run into pages, yet Urban Herbivore inspires a satisfaction that most other restaurants may lack. This is one place where you can bask in the ambiance, concentrate on your conversations, and get a “feel good” feeling as you get pampered by the hospitality without having to worry about what you have put into your mouth. You completely trust. Recently we heard the horror story of a friend who discovered a bone in his vegetarian dish ordered at a non-vegetarian restaurant! Need we say anymore about trust!

Manchow Soup
Eight Treasure Fried Rice and Vegetable Dumpling in Black Bean Sauce
Banana and Apple Toffee


Urban Herbivore is open between 12:00noon to 3:00pm and 7:00pm to 10:30pm.


You can click this link for the complete address of E-Inn where Urban Herbivore is located.

Enjoy All!


  1. I have been here multiple times with my family. This has a good lunch buffet which has chinese food, north indian food, south indian sambar / dosa and a list of desserts too. I love this place.

  2. Welcome to Vegan India! Palanirathan and thanks for sharing your good experience at E-inn.


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