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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

‘Time Traveler’ Vegetarian Multi-cuisine Restaurant, Bangalore

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Time Traveler is one among the two restaurants at E-Inn Luxury Star Vegetarian Hotel (now the hotel is called Sai Vishram) in Bangalore.

The restaurants at E-Inn run on the no meat, no gelatin, no eggs, no ajinomoto, and no artificial flavor and color policy. All dishes at the restaurants are prepared with olive oil. Both restaurants offer many preparations that are already dairy-free. You could also call in advance to especially request for a Vegan spread.

Introduction to Time Traveler

Time Traveler is E-Inn’s 24-hour coffee shop/restaurant that provides a global vegetarian/vegan a la carte menu and also buffet meals for lunch and dinner.

The Buffet Area

BUFFET @ Time Traveler: Let us first take you on a tour of the buffet experience at Time Traveler. As you enter the restaurant, you are escorted to your table and welcomed with a 'Welcome Drink', soup, and starter.

Kathi Roll with Cashew or Tofu Filling

After you have received the enjoyable tease, you can walk to the buffet area to help yourself. The buffet at Time Traveler consists of a large selection of very interesting, gorgeous-looking, scrumptious, and healthful salads; farm-fresh organic fruits; main course dishes in the Continental, Chinese, North Indian, and South Indian styles; and desserts. The photographs you see here are of the dairy-free dishes in the spread on the day we had lunch at the buffet.

Broccoli 'n' Cherry Tomato
Farm Fresh Greens with Orange
Scallion and Sprout Salad
Oregano Sauteed Vegetables

We are told that most guests are pleasantly surprised by the sheer count of dishes in the buffet spread because they think that vegetarians do not have many choices! In fact, each day has a different menu spread and one spread is likely to repeat only two times a month. We are also told that this variation inspires guests to come back to the buffet and many have embarked on making a switch to plant-based foods in their daily lives!

Manchow Fried Rice
Three Bell Noodles

Our findings and some pointers

We found that the spread for the day had 35 dishes out of which half of them were dairy-free or vegan already! However, to ensure more choice in vegan desserts and to also ensure that dishes such as the soup, pulao, breads, North Indian inclusions, and so on are dairy-free, you will just need to call in advance.

Where to call

You can call the restaurant at least two hours in advance and request for vegan options in the spread for that day. The restaurant will ensure that you have a good combination of vegan dishes and the friendly restaurant staff will guide you through the vegan dishes.

Chilli Peanut Vegetables
Stir Fried Beetroot
The buffet can include oil-free, sugar-free, and Jain meals upon your request as well. All you need to do is call and request in advance. In any case, it is always advisable to book a table beforehand to cut down on your waiting time. Time Traveler buffets have become hugely popular!

Hakkalkkai Masala Fry
Noolkol Battani Curry

Buffet timings

Between 12noon to 3pm for lunch and 7pm to 11pm for dinner.

Cost factor

The buffet costs around Rs.275/- per person. 

A LA CARTE @ Time Traveler: Apart from the buffet, the Time Traveler features an a la carte menu that includes Greek, Mexican, Oriental, European, and Moroccan vegetarian cuisine. The restaurant is very open to serving you the dairy-free counterparts of all the dishes mentioned in the a la carte menu. All you need to do is call the restaurant at least two hours in advance and inform that you need vegan options.

A la carte timings

Open 24-hours.

Cost factor

A meal for two at the a la carte can cost between Rs.500/- to Rs.650/-.

E-Inn Address

You can click this link for the complete address and telephone number of E-Inn.

We would like to end with our special thanks to the Restaurant team for giving us exclusive time to cover this story! We also thank General Manager, Mr. Nitin Phadnis (not in the photograph) for giving us his time.

From left to right: Restaurant Manager Prakash Shetty, Head Chef Mani, Chef de Partie Prakash, and Chef de Partie Arun


  1. Oh my goodness! This is awesome!! :) I never cease to be amazed at our city's progressiveness! :)

  2. been to this place. loved the food and ambiance!
    waiting for your review on Urban herbivore.

  3. @ Veganosaurus - Exciting isn't!!?! In fact the restaurant team's eagerness and openness to prepare and serve vegan fares is highly admirable and appreciable!

    @ Greeshma - Thanks for visiting this blog and glad to know that you have been to the Time Traveler. E-Inn really provides a wholesome experience in terms of food, ambience, and hospitality!

  4. What is Hakkalkkai Masala Fry? and Noolkol Battani curry?

  5. I'll try to answer these to the best of my knowledge. In Southen part of India, Turnip or bulbous cabbage is known as Noolkol. Look for Kohlrabi in google and this is what I mean.and Hakkalkkai is nothing but Bitter gourd curry. So these are regional dishes made in southern india style, I guess

  6. Motivated entirely by your blog post here, a bunch of us vegans went to E-Inn yesterday for the buffet at Time Traveller. We had a great time! The food was delicious and the variety was almost overwhelming. I called them in advance so they took care to provide us with more vegan options. Apart from what was at the buffet, they also served us a whole bunch of vegan dishes separately to our table. By the end of it we were all so stuffed, we could barely move! :) I HIGHLY recommend this place to everyone who appreciates delicious food. Even if they're not vegan, they will definitely enjoy the meal!


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