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Sunday, April 11, 2010

‘E-Inn’ (now called Sai Vishram) Luxury Star Vegetarian Hotel, Bangalore

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The Entrance
“We make business a healthy affair.” This is the motto of E-Inn (now the hotel is called Sai Vishram), among the few luxury star hotels in the country that is completely vegetarian and partly vegan!!

Situated in Electronics City, the main business hub in silicon city Bangalore, E-Inn sends out strong signals that it really means healthy and ethical business! A stone statue of Sai Baba of Shirdi at the hotel entrance conveys that the hotel has its heart at the right place!

More than three years after inception, this 252-room business hotel is attracting many travelers, business people, and local customers! E-Inn has proved skeptics wrong who wondered whether it would survive!

The Tudor-style architecture of E-Inn

Apart from the “no meat” policy, there are other notable social and environmental principles that guide E-Inn’s business model. We list some of them. The hotel:

•    uses freshly grown organic produce from neighboring farming communities,
•    provides opportunities to the local youth by employing them,
•    practices rain water harvesting,
•    uses re-cycled water to maintain the lawns,
•    provides individual ACs in the rooms instead of centralized air-conditioning which helps maintain fresh air supply in common areas,
•    serves only fresh fruit juice and does not serve aerated drinks or colas,
•    follows a strict policy of “no smoke”, “no alcohol”, and “no meat”.

Facilities at E-Inn

E-Inn offers all facilities for a luxurious, healthy, and comfortable stay that includes a world-class spa. You can click this link to find out all about the luxury-star and business facilities offered by E-Inn.

Where to contact for stay at E-Inn  

You can call the board number or write at the 'Reservation' email address given in the E-Inn website for room reservations. The website also contains the address at which E-Inn is located. You can click this link for the complete address of E-Inn with the board numbers.

You can also click here to read some lovely, heart-warming customer reviews about E-Inn.

Dining at E-Inn 

E-Inn has two fine restaurants that run on the no meat, no gelatin, no eggs, no ajinomoto, and no artificial flavor and color policy. These restaurants are called the Time Traveler and Urban Herbivore. Both restaurants offer Vegan menus.

Time Traveler

Urban Herbivore

Info byte

E-Inn is run by Akkayya Consultancy Services (ACS) and according to this highly inspiring internet report, ACS plans to launch around 108 branches of E-Inn luxury star hotels across the country by 2015. All luxury star branches will follow the same no smoke, no alcohol, and no meat policy.

We cannot stop feeling impressed by E-Inn. Bravo E-Inn for demonstrating that 'luxury' can go hand-in-hand with compassion and kindness. Also, kudos for dispelling many myths about vegetarianism!

“Cats, pigs, flies, cows, etc. are one with Me. He who sees Me in all these creatures is My beloved.” ~Sai Baba, The Great Indian Saint~

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