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Friday, March 26, 2010

‘Baggit’ Non Leather Bags and Accessories Brand

For non leather/cruelty-free leather/synthetic leather/alternative leather/faux leather/non-animal leather/vegetarian/vegan shoes and accessories reviewed in this blog, you can click the story, Who Pays For Your Leather Shoes?.

“We don’t believe in killing animals for fashion”, is the simply stated philosophy of Baggit.

The collection at Baggit showrooms is simply dazzling. As you touch the beautifully crafted bags and look at the shoes in wonderment, someone at the store gently informs you that Baggit is the recipient of the PETA Proggy Award for the year 2007. All Baggit products are made from faux leather or synthetic leather.

Baggit showrooms and products

Baggit was founded in 1990 and since then has created a brand name in the market for cruelty-free formal/informal ladies’ bags, shoes, and accessories. Accessories include an impressive collection of purses, pouches, mobile phone holders, and belts. For men, Baggit offers a stylish selection of wallets.

Where to find Baggit showrooms and retail outlets

Please click here for the complete list of showrooms where Baggit products are available in Ahmedabad, Allahabad, Amritsar, Aurangabad,  Bangalore, Baroda, Bhopal, Chennai, Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Indore, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Kanpur, Kolkata, Ludhiana, Lukhnow, Mumbai, Nagpur, Nasik, Noida, Pune, Raipur, Surat, and Vishakapatnam with their addresses and telephone numbers.

Cost factor 

Very reasonable.

Vegan notes

Did you think that the “real” and “authentic” leather accessories you possess or carry on your person are made from animals that have died of natural causes? Most often, not. The leather industry is responsible for the systematic killing and torturing of millions of animals, every year, for the sake of fashion. Please read this BWC India report to learn how commercially available leather is always from animals that are killed.

The dairy industry is also no less responsible. Male calves, barely a few days old, and female cows are systematically killed to obtain leather. Male calves are of no “use” to the dairy industry! Female cows become weak by the age of six due to continuous pregnancies and therefore they are “unprofitable” to keep. (The normal life cycle of a cow is 20 years). Please click this link to read a PETA brief about the gentle animals that are abused to "fulfill" the demand for leather and drive a deadly and cruel industry.

Apart from Baggit whose range of products is completely cruelty-free, there are many other brands and local manufacturers that offer a selection in faux leather products. Please make your own survey, ask of your favorite brands – ask for the cruelty-free, synthetic leather selections. Consider changing your brand if they do not have cruelty-free options. Let our asking create an informed demand for cruelty-free, vegan accessories! For information on some select brands that have a non leather selection, please read our story, Who Pays For Your Leather Shoes?

Designer duo Hemant-Nandita focus on finding alternatives to leather. You can read the fully story by clicking this link.

Be the change you want to see in the world. ~Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Father of the Non-violent Political Struggle in India~


  1. I have visited the Baggit showroom at Bangalore. It has a nice collection of bags, belts, wallets and shoes. I liked several bags and shoes and bought a belt which i wear almost everyday. I think its quite a popular brand as i have heard others recommend it too.

  2. Great BLOG!

    I'm so happy to discover this blog. It's so nice to see vegan ideas spreading everywhere...

    Thanks again for the wonderful blog...

  3. @ MD - Thanks for visiting. And now you know that Baggit accessories are cruelty-free also :)

    @ Kumudha - Thanks for visiting and for the words of appreciation. You blog is very informative!

  4. Hey we've been using Baggit belts for a long time without realising that they were actually faux leather(though my preference has been the non leather ones)! Now I'd be interested in their bags too! :)

  5. I live in Chennai, can you help me with some retailers in Chennai who shop non-leather, non-animal footwear, bags, clothing, I have tried hard to find some stores in the internet, the only problem is there are blogs that say Bata, Shoppers stop sells these items, but I also know they sell leather items, so I am not sure if I am buying vegan products from these shops. I would appreciate if anyone here could provide me with a list of shops in Chennai.

  6. Thanks for visiting Sudha!
    As of now we are not aware of an exclusive cruelty-free store selling bags and shoes in Chennai. However we are aware of Shoppers Stop and Bata having a synthetic leather collection. We have to trust them till an exclusive vegan store comes up... what say...

  7. I wanted to check in vegan Formal shoes for Men in office. I tried lot of shops in Mumbai where i live , but sadly have to settle for leather shoes due to dress code. If you can tell any specific shop in Mumbai who deals in Vegan products . I checked on bata site they didn't mentioned about Vegan shoes on site neither they confirmed when i visited their show room .

  8. @Nike: Bata and all other brands we have mentioned (Puma, Nike, Adidas, and Reebok) have a synthetic leather line. However, for whatever reasons, they do not mention so in their respective websites. Ask for "synthetic leather", the salsemen are unlikely to understand "cruelty-free" or "vegan" for that matter. When you get synthetic leather, inform them that those are cruelty-free and vegan. Bata does have a synthtic leather line for men, one of our friends got a fine pair a couple of months back.

    Also check with Baggit whether they have launched the men's line for cruelty-free shoes yet... according to one interent report they had plans to.

    Please don't give up on cruelty-free leather goods, there are enough non-branded stores that sell the same. Remember, each little act of compassion from each of us will not only help this Earth evolve but will also help us as individuals become more "human". There is absolutely no justification behind robbing the animal of its skin and using it to make shoes for ourselves to protect our feet or for whatever reasons.

  9. Please suggest some place in kolkata for buying non-leather belts for office purpose (should be formal belt preferably black).

    I have visted big retail chains like shoppers stop, pantaloons and almost all shopping maals viz manisquare mall, city center, south city mall, but I could not find one.

  10. @ Anonymous: Please check for non-leather belts of various quality and available at various prices at the shops in Gariahat Crossing and Esplanade in Calcutta. These belts are not branded, nevertheless completely free of any cruelty to animals. All the best! Do write back with the results of your search.

  11. can i get formal shoes for men there??

  12. I am sooo happy that i found this blog. Me heading right away to get a pair of shoes & wallet. Cruel-free products rocks!

  13. Bulchee ( also carries non-leather accessories such as wallets, belts etc.

  14. I just visited the Zara, Elle and AND stores...they have such beautiful pumps but unfortunately all is leather/suede...i just can not find comfortable and elegant shoes here in Bangalore...can anyone help me?

  15. can we get shoes / wallets / belts of non leather 100% for men ? i need help asap ....who are the ones i can purchase and share and spread and create the awareness of the product ...... kindly call me on 9820101169 or email me on


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