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Monday, March 22, 2010

Vegan Burfis from ‘Kanti Sweets’, Bangalore

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Two remarkable burfi preparations at Kanti Sweets, a sweet house in Bangalore, defy all traditional conceptions of Indian sweets! It is difficult for most people to imagine an Indian sweet that is not made of milk, ghee (clarified butter), khoya (dried milk), and sugar. The Khajoor Burfi and the Anjeer Burfi of Kanti Sweets are however a pleasant and delicious surprise! Khajoor Burfis are made from dates while the Anjeer Burfis are made from figs. Both burfis contain generous quantities of whole dry nuts as well. Since dates and figs are naturally sweet, sugar or any other sweetener is not added to either of the two preparations.

Originally conceptualized for people with diabetes, both sweets have become a Vegan delight. Besides being nutritious, the burfis are very tasty and go exceedingly well with a steaming cup of herbal tea! And what’s more, you can store them without refrigeration for days together as they do not spoil easily. They do not spoil because they contain zero animal-derived ingredients.

Cost factor

Khajoor Burfi: Rs.300/- per kilogram
Anjeer Burfi: Rs.550/- per kilogram

Location of Kanti Sweets outlets in Bangalore

Kanti Sweets has more than 25 outlets spread across Bangalore. Khajoor Burfis and Anjeer Burfis are available at all outlets. You can click here to view the list containing the outlet locations.

Vegan notes

For all of you who have been seriously considering omitting cow’s milk and dairy from your food intake, please check the links below to learn more and to know that your decision is a step in the right direction:

What is not right about cow’s milk? Find out in Dr. Robert M Kradjian, MD’s open letter titled “A Milk Letter: Message to my Patients” by clicking here.

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Cow’s milk has become a point of controversy among doctors and nutritionists. There was a time when it was considered very desirable, but research has forced us to rethink this recommendation... dairy products contribute to a surprising number of health problems... ~Dr. Benjamin Spock, M.D., Author of ‘Baby and Child Care’, 7th Edition~


  1. Yes, the khajoor and the anjeer burfi tastes really nice, much better than the mysore pak from the same shop. You can enjoy them without any guilt pangs!!!

  2. Anjeer burfi was always a favorite! Good to know that its part of the vegan diet. By the way, is that how khajoor & anjeer barfi is made everywhere or is it specific to Kanti Sweets? I'd be interested in knowing if K C Das also prepares them that way as these two places are the preferred destinations for most people when it comes to sweets.

  3. In fact I thought they could be very delicious and highly nutritious breakfast supplements being as they are, packed with all the nutrients of dry fruits without oil or sugar.Umm maybe someone could open a Vegan Cafe to bring all these options under one roof...

  4. @urban vegan - Thanks for visiting, yes these Indian sweets are quite delicious. Your blog is amazing!

    @ Kalpalata - You are right, these burfis taste so good and you can enjoy them without any guilt pangs!

    @ Priya - Not sure whether khajoor & anjeer burfis are made the same way by all sweet shops. This is something we'd be interested in finding out, will keep you posted. Haven't come across khajoor & anjeer burfis at KC Das... truth be told, out of all the sweets they have only one is vegan - the "diet" sohan papdi - that too it is available in only one branch out of the several KC Das has across three cities - the St. Marks Road branch in B'lore!

    @ Anonymous - You are absolutely right, these burfis qualify to be very delicious and highly nutritious breakfast supplements! They have this enticing glaze on them despite being oil-less and every bite has a natural fruity sweetness and not the on-the-tongue sweetness of industrial sugar. True, dreaming of the day when there could be a one stop shop for all vegan goodies.... :)


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