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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Instant Non-GM Soy Milk Powder from ‘Bio Nutrients’ and a GIVEAWAY!

Many of us vegans like to have our tea or coffee with vegan milk. We tend to use nut milk prepared at home or soymilk available commercially in cardboard containers. How would it be if we were given the choice of a non GM, gluten-free, sugar-free, cholesterol-free, and preservatives-free instant soy milk powder!?

Well, we have this choice with us now! For the first time in India, all the goodness of non-GM soybean is now available in the convenient form of instant soy milk powder from Bio Nutrients. This spray dried soy milk powder called SuperFit is made from the choicest non GMO, whole soybeans grown in the soy heart land of Madhya Pradesh. The ingredient list includes nothing but soybeans.

The taste of SuperFit and how to use SuperFit instant soy milk powder

SuperFit soy milk powder has a very light taste, no beany aroma at all. In fact, our non vegan guests were surprised when they were casually informed that they just had tea with soy milk powder. They simply could not tell the difference!

SuperFit soy milk powder is also free flowing and easily dispersible in water. You must simply follow the directions indicated on the packet.

If you are the one who likes to have soy milk as a health drink, you can also use SuperFit to prepare a glassful of the beverage that could be anything from having it plain to whipping it up to make a delicious milkshake!

You can also use SuperFit soy milk powder to prepare bakery items, yoghurt, ice cream, and in any other milk application.

Please click the thumbnail image on the right to learn more about SuperFit soy milk powder in this brochure provided to us by the company.

Announcing the GIVEAWAY!

SuperFit is being positioned in the market gradually. As part of the introductory phase, the Company is offering a giveaway to all vegans who would like to sample the product before committing to regular use! If you want to avail the giveaway offer (free of cost) of a 200gm SuperFit pack, you can write to Mr. Abhijeet at with your contact details. The giveaway offer is valid until April 30, 2011.

Ordering SuperFit

Monthly subscription: After the giveaway is over, you can procure your stock of SuperFit on mail order, on monthly subscription basis. You can write at or call at 07480-233855 to place your order. SuperFit is available in 200gm and 500gm packs with MRP of Rs.125/- and Rs.290/-, respectively.

Annual subscription offer: For regular customers, Bio Nutrients is also promoting an annual subscription offer wherein SuperFit is being made available through a bi-monthly courier of a 2 x 500gm pack. This facility is available throughout India that is serviced by couriers. The cost comes out to be Rs.2,700/- per year only, including courier charges. 

To order SuperFit, you can fill the subscription form by clicking the thumbnail image on the right and sending the completed form at the postal address mentioned in the form alongwith the bank demand draft or cheque.

Direct purchase: SuperFit is also available at health stores in INA Market, Khan Market, and Le Marche Stores of Saket, Vasant Kunj, and Vasant Vihar in New Delhi.

Another product from Bio Nutrient: Fresh Soy Tofu

Bio Nutrient has also launched fresh soy tofu. It is being made available in 200gm packs in stores through franchising. For more information, please direct your queries to


Vegans shun animal milk primarily because of the inexplicable cruelty associated with its production. You can read a PETA report titled, Inside the Indian Dairy Industry to learn the truth behind cow's milk production by clicking this link. The health benefits of a no-animal-milk diet is backed by an impressive body of research that you can find out all about at the extensive site on the subject titled, ‘Not Milk’. You can also click this link to find out about the top five substitutes to animal milk.

“The unquestionable cruelty associated with the production of dairy produce has made it clear that lacto-vegetarianism is but a half-way house between flesh-eating and a truly humane, civilized diet, and we think, therefore, that during our life on earth we should try to evolve sufficiently to make the 'full journey'.” ~Donald Watson, Inventor of the word “vegan” and Founder of the Vegan Society~


  1. Been having tea made with soya powder Superfit by Bionutrients. Am really happy, as the vegan tea tastes exactly like animal-milk tea. Highly recommend using Superfit for making tea :) Thanks Compassionate India for letting us know of this product. Thanks Bionutrients/Abhijeet for creating this product :)

  2. Thanks Sandhya :) This product is actually good news for vegan tea making. It also helps new vegans to transition smoothly, as all said and done, the concept of “tea” is closely associated with the lives of many people. The product is also great for vegans who simply like to have their tea in the traditional way and do not mind a bit of soy here and there.

  3. Hey I just saw this! Thanks so much for letting us know! :) I make my soymilk at home but for lazy days and emergencies, we have the the SoyaVita soymilk powder on hand but the fact that SuperFit is non-GMO is a very very important factor! Can't wait to try it out!! :)

  4. Sorry if my post comes out twice, not used to posting comments - does anyne know if the soybeans for this powder are being grown organically, with no spraying of pesticides ?

  5. @ Veganosaurus: Glad to know :). Thanks for informing about SoyaVita soymilk, is it available in India too? Would love to check it out too. And you are right, for many vegans this product is for those "lazy days and emergencies".

    @ Veena: According to the company, this soy milk powder is non-GMO but not organically grown. They procure the raw material from the farmers in Madhya Pradesh. There was a discussion with the company on the Compassionate India wall on Facebook regarding this. You may want to check it out by clicking this link: For any further queries you may want to contact Mr. Abhijeet at the email address given in this story.

  6. I've seen the SoyaVita powder only in India actually. The company which manufactures it is called Ridhisidhi and is located at Chennai. Here in Bangalore we buy it at Nilgiris (the main one on Brigade Road). And for those who have a membership at Metro, it's available at a slightly discounted price there.

    The thing about SoyaVita is that apart from soy protein isolate, it also have a bunch of other things like sugar, vegetable fat, maltodextrin, monoglycerides etc... I'd prefer to avoid all that stuff. That's why I was so happy to read that SoyFit is made of just plain soybeans and nothing else! :)

  7. Oh by the way, have ny of you tried making yogurt with SuperFit yet? It's very interesting to know that yogurt can be made out of it. I hadn't expected that at all!

  8. @ Veganosaurus: Thanks for all the information about SoyaVita. True, we could do without all those other ingredients. The Company informed us that yogurt can also be made with SuperFit, but we have'nt tried doing that though. Have only used it to make tea and banana breads.

  9. The yogurt is awesome! It tastes good without adding any flavour, although tempering will make it still better. Thank you, Vegan India for informing us about this.

  10. do they actually claim it is vegan?I see that it says its lactose-free but is it also casein-free?If so, its fantastic!

  11. sir , i want this product in hyderabad. can u please tell me where do i find this in my place ?


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