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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vegan Crackers from ‘Good Earth’, Bangalore

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After a brief period of absence from the market, these vegan whole-wheat crackers from Good Earth have appeared again! Presently, the crackers are available in Bangalore only. According to Company sources, they will be available in Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Pune beginning January 2011 as well.

Good Earth crackers, besides bearing the ‘green’ vegetarian symbol, do not contain other non-vegan ingredients such as animal milk and associated products or honey. The crackers are available in five flavors: garlic, jeera (cumin), methi (fenugreek), pepper, and plain wheat.

A couple of noteworthy features about Good Earth crackers are their high fibre content obtained from wheat bran and zero trans fat content. These qualities do come together to merit replacement with your ordinary maida biscuit, especially the ones that accompany the first morning tea if you are used to that. You are your best judge and will know whether this makes any difference!

Ideas: You can also smear the crackers with any plant butter or vegan cheese of your choice and enjoy the delicious combination.

Availability of Good Earth crackers: As mentioned above, the Good Earth crackers are presently available in Bangalore only. You can find them in the following stores: M.K. Ahmed, M.K. Retail, Mother Earth, R.M. Supermarket, and Thoms Bakery & Stores.

Price: Each box of Good Earth whole-wheat crackers in any flavor costs Rs.24/- only. 

“I don’t teach vegetarianism; it is a by-product of meditation. Wherever meditation has happened, people have become vegetarian, always, for thousands of years.” ~Osho~

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